Box of Props Poetry Workshops Series

expresseum poetics delivered two series of page-performance poetry workshops at local independent museums as part of Writing East Midland’s 2012 Write Here residency series.

Each mini museum residency consisted of three weekly evening sessions. Based at Lutterworth Museum in the south of Leicestershire, and Kegworth Museum in the north, local writers joined with Mark to create poetry. The workshops were aimed at experienced writers as well as novices – the only requirement of participants was a strong wish to collaborate, perform and play creatively!

VisitingLutterworthInspired by museum objects, objects in boxes, and objects within ‘the giant box of a museum’, the groups collaborated within the museum spaces to generate poetic material. The first two sessions were devoted to generating and organising the material. In the third session, the museum space – in which the creative work had been generated – was transformed into a poetic ‘theatre’ where spoken ‘page-to-air’ poetry was shared … with the objects initially used as inspiration becoming scenery and props.

Blogger Elaine Aldred attended the Kegworth Museum performance, and you can read what she says about the experience here.

As part of the Box of Props residency, two poetry anthologies have also been created. Circles, showcases poetry inspired by Lutterworth Museum, and Bringing in a Greater Yield, the collections at Kegworth Museum. These publications collage the poetry created as part of the series, and photographs of the museum objects that acted as inspiration. The anthologies can be viewed and purchased at the following links. (Any profits from the sales will go to Lutterworth and Kegworth Museums.)

Circles cover



Greater yield cover


The Box of Props poetry residency was funded by Writing East Midlands, and Leicestershire & Rutland Heritage Forum.