museum specialist . fund raiser . project manager . poet herder . photographer . singer . swimmer

Nikki has been involved with museums, heritage and the arts for over twenty-five years. She studied for a PhD at the Museum Studies Department in Leicester, where she has also been a distance learning tutor. She also lectured for De Montfort University’s School of Applied Art and Design. For nearly fourteen years Nikki worked for Leicestershire’s Open Museum, where she established the award winning Moving Objects loans scheme of themed, small-scale touring displays. There she also created and delivered a diverse range of innovative museum and cultural programmes, including: the long running Behind the Scenes poetry workshop series, and the regionally recognised and celebrated Write:Muse programme. Nikki specialises in making museums and heritage accessible to marginalised and hard-to-reach people; and she has in-depth knowledge and experience of tailoring projects to meet the needs of various community groups. In particular, she understands the needs of people who experience mental ill health.

Nikki is fascinated by the shapes and colours of all kinds of objects, and she can often be found crouching to photograph things like mushrooms or kerbstones! Nikki has exhibited her work, and some of her photos have been published on the covers of poetry books.

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