Moving Objects

In 1999 Nikki was employed by Leicestershire County Council to develop their museum service’s outreach loans provision. Instigating the Leicestershire’s Open Museum brand/identity, she also created the new loans scheme Moving Objects to compliment the two existing loans schemes Resource Box and Artworks.

Moving Objects provided small, themed displays of museum objects and artworks. These displays were available to loan free of charge, and they toured a wide range of community and public venues such as; job centres, doctors surgeries, day centres, care homes, shopping centres, libraries, village halls, schools, collages, and even a zoo. People the scheme reached included; reminisance groups, Alzimers and Dementia patients, mental health service users, young people and adults with learning disabilities, young mothers, gypsies and travellers, prisoners, young offenders, collage students…

In 2001 the Moving Objects scheme was awarded an Interpret Britain Award for the Special Category: Outreach. The scheme has been studied in universities, including the University of Leicester and Taipei National University of the Arts, and it has been case studied in the recent publication From Margin to Representation: The Museum & Cultural Rights by Chia-Li Chen.

(NB. Due to cut backs the Moving Objects scheme has now finished and the displays disbanded. Information about the displays has been posted here to document the innovative displays that were a part of the scheme.)

Object displays

Nikki created a number of the Moving Objects displays. These displays were intended to be colourful, object rich and stimulating for discussion. Their themes were decided on after consultation with staff at potential venues.

Myths, Legends, Fairytales & Fables

This display used museum objects to explore the ways in which stories are passed on from generation to generation, and from country to country… Read more


The Beauty Myth

This display challenged the myth that beauty is timeless and natural. Using museum objects, it explored how notions of beauty change over time and between different cultures. It also looked at how ideals of beauty are created and passed on… Read more


Nature Observed

This display celebrated the variety of the natural life of Britain. Created as an educational resource, it particularly encouraged the viewer to observe the colours, shapes and textures that can be found in nature… Read more


What a Waste?

This display used museum objects to illustrate how things, from buildings to clothes, and materials, from metals to hair, have been reused or recycled throughout history. Organised as a quiz, viewers match pictures… Read more


Make a Match!

This display celebrated Leicester City Football Club’s win of the Worthington Cup at Wembley in February 2000. Set out like a Subbuteo pitch, all the objects… Read more