Words & Things: writing creatively from objects and art

Words & ThingsWhile Nikki was working for Leicestershire’s Open Museum, she and the Literature Development Officer Kerry Featherstone, created the creative writing guide Words & Things.

Co-written with Mark, and Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Words & Things is an exciting and practical guide to using museum objects and artworks to inspire creative writing.

Aimed at learning providers within formal and non-formal educational settings, the guide is full of fun and easy to follow writing exercises given by professional workshop facilitators. The publication also includes tips on running effective workshops, and advice on how to evaluate the ‘soft’ learning outcomes of creativity.


You can download PDF files of each of the chapters below. (Words & Things was available as a A4 folder and CD Rom. Some physical copies may still be available. If you are interested please do get in touch.)


Words & Things contents


Section A: Creative wordplay

Section B: Running Creative Workshops

Section C: Creative Writing Exercises

Section D: Plugging into networks

Section E: Who we are


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