Abbey Pumping Station Museum

Abbey Pumping StationThrough a half day poetry workshop in March 2016, a group of writers had the opportunity to write and speak creatively about some rare and exquisite historical engineering.


Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester is a grand Victorian mansion of industry in which reside four huge mechanical beasts. Mark took participants for a unique and intimate meeting with these steam beam engines.


Abbey Pumping StationWriters first circumnavigated the red brick ‘palace’ which accommodates the beasts. They then spent time exploring the ornate Hall that houses these four Gimson beam engines built in 1891.

Abbey Pumping Station

Finally, the writers scaled iron stairs to reach the top floor of the Engine House.




Our thanks go to the staff at Abbey Pumping Station Museum for all their support with the workshop.


This poetry workshop was part of a Write Here residency, and was part funded by Writing East Midlands.