Jo Dacombe MA


Jo is an artist working in the public realm, based in Leicester. She undertakes commissions, generates her own projects and is involved in community education. Jo works nationally and occasionally internationally.

Jo is interested in how people relate to places: in ideas about mapping, walking, connections, public space, modes of travel, change, sense of place and looking sideways, using a wide range of media for temporary and permanent artworks.

Jo’s approach is experimental and responsive; rather than concentrating on any particular medium, she focuses on creative thinking and making as a way to explore the world. Her workshops are explorative, dialogic and discursive. Jo uses a variety of media including installation, digital media, light work, sculpture, walking projects, creative interventions in public space and landscape, sound, drawing and map making. She is also interested in exploring collaborative working practices.

The projects Jo has run are too numerous to mention here, but two notable examples are:

From 2005-2010 Jo set up and ran a project called Thinkspace, an experiential public art project running in parallel with the regeneration of Corby, Northamptonshire. In 2008 her project won the Flint Bishop Arts, Business and Community Award.

Between 2013-2016 Jo worked in collaboration with curator Laura-Jade Vaughan in a practice called Sidelong, exploring the notion of curated walks. Projects have included Dream Walking (2013), A Walk Through the Underworld (2013-2014), The Hunter and The Hunted (2015).

Jo is Artist-in-Residence in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester, exploring ideas about animal bones as relics. She is also currently an Associate Artist at Nottingham Contemporary.



Twitter: @JoDacombe