Visions of Histories: Exploring the heritage of the Cultural Quarter

This community exhibition was curated by expresseum poetics and artist Rikke Digerud, at the West End Gallery in October 2015.

Visions of Histories: Exploring the heritage of the Cultural Quarter, celebrated the findings and creative interpretations of a community project we ran with BrightSparks Arts in Mental Health groups.

The exhibition explored the intriguing history of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. On display were artworks (prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture), that members of ArtSpace had created. Also on show were ‘poetry maps’ and The Mosaic Remains book of poetry created by Bradgate Writers.

The exhibition featured copies of a selection of the archives that were used in the project’s research. A large scale map of the Cultural Quarter was created, plotting buildings that had historic significant. Visitors could also access online historical material via the St George’s App on an iPad.

Visitors could hear reminisces from project participants, on a listening post. They could also add their own reminisces to the giant Cultural Quarter map.

The exhibition was launched at the West End Gallery in Leicester, on the 14th October.

Comments about the exhibition, include:

“Very colourful pieces of art that show the history of Leicester. Very interesting to view. Some of the places I walk past everyday and didn’t know they were there, as either I didn’t see them or just walked past.”
“Fantastic show. Very insightful.”
Click here to visit the project’s blog, where you can listen to the reminisces, see a gallery of the artwork that was exhibited, and learn more about the project.