Testimonies from mentees…

“Techniques that Mark introduced me to have made my pamphlet more intense and specific than I would have managed alone; links between the pieces are more intuitive, the whole is more cohesive and less obvious.
The way I look at poetry, especially my own work, has been enhanced through working with Mark. I regularly use methods he introduced as an aid when forming and revising poems. The broad-ranging discussions we had about the poetry world have informed my writing and given me confidence to submit much more work to literary magazines.”

Gary Carr


“Mark has been a positively significant part of my poetic journey, instilling confidence in both me and in my practice for many years now. He has consistently exposed me to new ways of crafting poetry, and I am a better writer for it. Aside from being a remarkable poet, Mark is a wonderful human being and conducts himself with honesty, integrity and passion. I am blessed to know him.”

Shruti Chauhan


“I first met Mark at a poetry recital at Poetry Bites in Birmingham during which he recited passages from his newly published book, ‘Shod’. Enjoying his poetry greatly, we spoke after the recital and I was immediately struck by his friendly openness and utterly unpretentious manner. This manner has remained constant through out the years in which we stayed in loose contact and so when I heard that Mark was beginning to mentor formally, I was confident that he would be the right poet to help me. I had been writing poetry on and off for a bit, but, living in a rural area unable to join any poetry groups, I had begun to feel in need of appraisal.

First meeting on a squally day last March, we paced the canal paths on the outskirts of Leicester ducking low flying swans and talking poetry. I mention this, because when I walk I am at my happiest and so for me, the paths were the perfect classroom. Before long, Mark had drawn from me the reasons why I write, my fears when writing and an understanding both of what I want to achieve and how I can improve. It was painless and the months that have followed have been some of the most fruitful of my life. Something tells me that Mark will do the same for a lot of other grateful poets in the years to come.”

Mark Gillies


“I am very thankful for knowing Mark Goodwin and the many projects we have worked on together. He is a very supportive mentor and teacher who encourages the poets he works with to explore new directions with their work, to discover the rich layers of their voice, and to not limit their belief in what their writing can achieve nor what they can achieve through it. Anyone who works with Mark will come away a much changed and better poet.”

Charles G Lauder, Jr