we specialise in providing opportunities
for people to write and speak creatively

Who we are

Nikki Clayton
museum specialist . fund raiser . project manager
poet herder . photographer . singer . swimmer


Mark Goodwin
poet . sound-artist . community poet
walker . balancer . stroller . climber


What we do
We are a social enterprise, founded to contribute to the health and well-being of people by helping them to engage with their cultural and natural heritage in meaningful ways.

Through facilitating workshops, projects and mentoring we provide opportunities for creative people to meet and share. We collaborate with experienced creative people, as well as people who have yet to discover and realise their creative potential.

The word ‘poetics’, that appears in our organisation’s name, is not limited to written and spoken words … we can also work with a range of artists to facilitate experiences which stimulate imagination.

Where we are
We live on a boat just North of Leicester
Contact us by telephone on +44 07429 400254
Or email us at expresseumpoetics(at)yahoo.co.uk